About Faculty of Mechanical engineering

The study of mechanical engineering in Tuzla dates back to 1961, when the associate degree (mechanical engineering in mining) was awarded at the Faculty of Mining in Tuzla, and in 1974 was upgraded with BSc degree in mechanical engineering in mining. In 1987, mechanical engineering studies were established within the Faculty of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, at the Department of Energy/Power Engineering. In 1997, another department was formed – Production/Manufacturing Engineering. At that time, first two study years were joint for both mechanical engineering departments, with the total duration of studies being 9 academic semesters.

Since 2000, with implementation of modern organizational model at the University of Tuzla, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has become one of its organizational units, and since 2003, it has been located in one of the university buildings in the western part of the university complex, at the address: Urfeta Vejzagića street No. 4, shown on Figure 1. The first generation of Bologna students was enrolled in academic year 2003/04, with implemented model of duration of all three study cycles being 4 + 1 + 3 years (bachelor+ master+doctoral). In the academic year 2004/05, the first generation of students was enrolled at the new department- Mechatronics. Since then, the first two study years of the bachelor studies are the same for all three existing departments,while starting from the third study year students continue their studies in one of three departments: Production Engineering, Energy Engineering and Mechatronics.

Curricula are made in accordance with the curricula of relevant European universities, which should enable the mobility of students, i.e. continuation of studies at local, regional and European universities, at the same time taking into account the needs for certain types of knowledge and skills expressed by local and regional enterprises. Given the openness of the Faculty, and in order to cooperate and exchange experiences with other faculties in the teaching process, in addition to teachers from this Faculty, professors from other faculties and universities have participated in the academic process throughout the years: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture from Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Rijeka, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Slavonski Brod (Croatia), City University from London (UK) as well as professors from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Zenica, Bihać, Mostar, Sarajevo) etc. Today, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has about 650 students, at all three study cycles (bachelor, master and doctoral). Since 1987, more than 600 students have graduated from the first cycle of studies, 90 candidates have obtained their master degree and more than 25 have obtained their PhD degree at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tuzla.

1st  cycle of studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tuzla (180ECTS)

Studies are organized in the following fields i.e. at three departments, as follows:

  • Energy and thermo-fluid engineering,
  •  Production engineering
  • Mechatronics.

The first two study years are joint for all three departments, while in the third and fourth year students of all departments acquire specific professional knowledge in the field for which they are educated. Upon successful completion of the studies and graduation thesis, students are awarded the professional title: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (in the field/department: Energy and Thermo-Fluid Engineering, Production Engineering or Mechatronics).

2nd cycle of studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tuzla (60ECTS)

The second cycle of studies lasts one academic year (two semesters) at the before mentioned  departments:

• Mechatronics,

•Energy and thermo-fluid engineering (In the fields of: Sustainable energy and environment, Thermal energy);

• Production engineering (In the fileds of: Industrial Engineering, Production Technologies)

Upon successful  completion of the studies and master thesis, students are awarded with professional degree of Master in Mechanical Engineering (from the department of: Mechatronics, Energy and Thermo-fluid Engineering, Production Engineering, in the filed as mentioned before).

3rd cycle of studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tuzla (180 ECTS)

The third cycle of studies lasts three academic years and carries 180 ECTS credits. The doctoral program is organized in six fileds a) Production technologies, b) Industrial engineering, c) Sustainable energy and environment, d) Thermal energy e) Mechatronics, f) Mechanical onstructions. All doctoral courses last for one semester and are divided into three groups: compulsory courses for all majors (1 course), compulsory courses for the chosen field (3 courses), elective courses for the chosen field (2 courses). Classes are organized in the first two semesters, three courses per semester. Classes are conducted through lectures, seminars, research and practical work. Elective courses can be conducted for groups of students (up to 3 at most) and in the form of consultations, with individual student work on a given topic from the narrower field of research. As a rule, the study is conducted in local languages, or in one of the world languages. Upon completion of the doctoral study at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tuzla, one obtains the academic degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in the field of mechanical engineering.